AGA Jewelry also takes 3D-model creation orders of any complexity with use of Rhinoceros and Matrix programs. High quality of work is guaranteed.
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The creative process of making exclusive jewels at AGA Jewelry can be conditionally divided on some technological stages.


At the first stage the artists and designers of the company create a unique prototype of the future product. After that, the group of 3D-modellers develops three-dimensional computer model on the basis of created prototype. In process of 3D modeling the most advanced computer decisions in the field of CAD-design are used (Rhinoceros, Matrix).

At the following stage the wax master-models are created by means of special 3D-printers (SolidScape T76, DigitalWax 029). Subsequently the wax models turn to unique jewels in the hands of professional jewellers.


All works are carried out at high-quality level and we provide an individual approach to each customer.

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